About The GPS Project

The project was partly based on the concept of Flat Stanley, our project will be to help individuals discover information about global positioning systems and their applications, as well as to map their journeys.


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Update 11/18

The last two weeks were mainly spent preparing for Titan 21.  The presentation at Titan 21 consisted of a map with pins, individuals were told to put where they planned to go on vacation this year as a sort of example of what the final product may look like.  After placing their pin onto the … Continue reading Update 11/18

Update 11/4

Over the past two weeks we have attempted correspondence with several companies.  Many of the companies were uninterested and hung up almost immediately.  However, a few of the companies said that they may call back after talking about it.  We have yet to receive any additional information from the companies, so we’ll probably have to … Continue reading Update 11/4

Update 10/21

Response to Feedback – We have decided that the social media outlet that we will be using is Instagram.  Instagram appears to be the most optimal social media to use due to how common it is along with ease of access and creation.  The companies have not responded to communication so we have sent more … Continue reading Update 10/21

Update 10/7/2016

Over the last two weeks we have begun to locate possible types of GPS technology to be utilized in the project.  Additionally, we have begun to communicate with the companies involved in these technologies.  E-mails have been sent to various GPS companies informing them about the project and asking for assistance, the companies have yet … Continue reading Update 10/7/2016

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